William Igbokwe

As a former New York City District Attorney, Mr. Igbokwe litigated numerous cases involving many high-level investigations and successful prosecutions. Prior to his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Igbokwe developed his regulatory experience at the Virginia Attorney Generals Office, where Mr. Igbokwe worked in the bureau of Anti-trust and Consumer Protection. Mr. Igbokwe obtained a J.D. at the University of Richmond, which included additional legal studies at the University of Cambridge in the discipline of International Law. While at Cambridge, Mr. Igbokwe clerked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development assisting in the oversight of over €2.9 billion in infrastructure projects situated through Eastern and Central Europe. Mr. Igbokwe graduated with honors in Economics and Psychology from the University of Houston. While an undergraduate student, Mr. Igbokwe founded a successful real estate development company which developed residential and commercial property in the Greater Houston area.